Transform the complexity and expense of operating in-house e-Discovery infrastructure.

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Citrix Workspaces

All your business applications and data through a secure hosted desktop on any device.

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Fully managed IT support and services - freeing businesses to focus on business instead of technology

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Trial Support

Effective technology and support to keep your trial team operational and productive.

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A suite of services specifically designed for Law Firms & Legal Service Providers.

Experience Aquipt

From hosting your firm’s entire e-Discovery infrastructure; supporting a multi-firm, several-month long war room engagement; or simply setting up a projector for an hour long hearing – the professional experience and undivided attention you receive will be the same.

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Technical Support

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Equipment Rental

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Insight Entries

Trial Services

The Power of Preparedness: Enabling Litigation Triumph Through Specialized Trial Services

Aquipt Inc. October 18,2023
The right preparation is critical to success in the legal field. Preparing for litigation in civil and criminal cases requires logistic support and modern e-discovery tools that can give your team
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Trial Services

Behind the Scenes: The Crucial Role of Trial Services in High-Stakes Litigation

Aquipt Inc. October 10,2023
Much of the heavy lifting involved in trial preparation occurs behind the scenes. This is especially true for high-stakes cases involving large sums of money or serious charges. Enlisting the proper
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