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The Power of Preparedness: Enabling Litigation Triumph Through Specialized Trial Services

Aquipt Inc. / October 18,2023 / Trial Services

The right preparation is critical to success in the legal field. Preparing for litigation in civil and criminal cases requires logistic support and modern e-discovery tools that can give your team the edge in pretrial preparation, case management, and other aspects of litigation. These tools can help your firm improve your odds of winning cases in district courts, trial courts, appellate courts, and even the Supreme Court of your state or of the United States. 

Professional litigation support services can make a big difference in your team's ability to prepare for trial effectively. IT support, technical setup, freight and logistics coverage, and networking tools are key elements in the centralized management of cases and managing security for your legal activities. Here are some key ways litigation assistance services can help your firm achieve greater success in preparing for trial.

Navigating the Pretrial Process 

For both criminal and civil cases, pretrial preparation is critical to build a foundation for success during litigation. During this period, attorneys consult with their clients and work to build a case that will sway jurors or that will prevail in arbitration or dispute resolution hearings. Some of the legal procedures that may occur during pretrial proceedings include the following: 

  • Indictments by a grand jury 
  • Initial appearances and preliminary hearings 
  • Bail or detention negotiations for criminal cases
  • Evidence gathering and collecting depositions 
  • Selection of jurors 
  • Entering a plea into court records 
  • Providing mental health evaluations and requesting diversion for those diagnosed with mental health issues
  • Performing other tasks in accordance with court rules 
  •  Filing pretrial motions to dismiss the case, suppress certain evidence, or change the trial venue 

During the pretrial period, attorneys must manage all these tasks while preparing to represent their clients effectively. The right litigation equipment and services can streamline pretrial preparation and assist your team in managing all aspects of the process, from initial client content to the day your case goes to court. 

Acquiring Necessary Equipment To Prepare for Trial 

E-discovery and document review activities require the right equipment to provide secure data ingestion and facilitate networking. Recording equipment, networking setups, and companies that specialize in equipment rental and equipment management for legal proceedings can provide practical help in setting up, breaking down, and using the right equipment for taking depositions, recording and storing evidence, and allowing for file sharing among all members of your trial team. 

Companies that offer equipment rental services for the legal industry can provide freight and logistics coverage to protect you against losses and financial liability. They typically also provide equipment monitoring and technical troubleshooting services to ensure that your systems work properly and are delivered on time to your desired location. Working with a trusted equipment rental firm is an excellent step toward proper preparation for litigation in the U.S. court system. 

Managing Technologies for Communication and Collaboration 

Modern e-discovery strategies typically require networking and technological support to make communicating and collaborating with your team easier. Cloud technologies and strong encryption are among the most important elements in providing easy access and secure logins for every member of your legal team. This can offer real advantages when preparing for a variety of legal actions: 

  • For malpractice and class-action medical suits, storing information in the cloud about clinical trials and medical information can allow your team to access this information conveniently while maintaining high-level encryption and cloud security for this confidential information. This can enable you to satisfy confidentiality requirements for medical data while ensuring that your team has access to the information they need when it is needed most. 
  • Cloud storage can also keep documents easily within reach for cases that continue to the court of appeals or higher to the state or federal Supreme Court. The ability to organize your information within secure cloud storage and access it when needed can be a significant advantage of using these networking storage solutions. 
  • Acquiring the cloud storage space your law firm needs in a safe and secure online environment can be challenging. Working with a company that specializes in legal technologies and services can streamline the process of implementing cloud storage and access for your law practice and your entire team. 

Choosing the Best Venues for Legal Preparation 

In many cases, companies that offer litigation support services can provide recommendations for appropriate venues within easy reach of court administration buildings or other resources. Finding suitable venues and venue services in these areas can be challenging if you primarily represent cases in district court or appellate court settings. Enlisting the help of proven professionals who can deliver venue services and recommendations for locations with the proper physical safeguards can allow your team to focus on preparing for their cases to increase the odds of success. 

Instituting Vendor Management Procedures 

Law firms that frequently work with outside counsel and other legal entities require expert vendor management strategies and procedures to ensure the best value for money and the right options for clients and in-house staff. This can also help manage the costs of evidence collection, remote deposition staffing, and expert witnesses to evaluate clinical trial information and other evidence. By working with a company that offers modern e-discovery infrastructure, document review solutions, trial support, technologies, and cloud storage for legal firms, you can boost your overall odds of success in civil cases, criminal cases, and other actions heard in the courtroom setting. 

How Aquipt Can Help You Prepare for Trial More Effectively 

At Aquipt, we offer a full lineup of legal support services that include the following: 

  • MatterPoint e-discovery infrastructure can provide the support and technological assistance your team needs during the lead-up to the trial process. This can help you prepare more effectively to present your case in court or in arbitration. 
  • Trial support services available from Aquipt include managed IT services that encompass security, access, and cloud-based storage solutions tailored to suit your law firm's needs. 
  • Document review solutions can provide tiered access to members of your legal team to protect client confidentiality and eliminate most network vulnerabilities. This can add up to improved security and fewer risks for your data. 
  • Citrix Workspaces are centrally secured and hosted to provide reliable access in a secure environment. By outsourcing IT management, you can ensure that your data is protected even when disasters strike and will be accessible to you and your team with minimal disruptions. 

To learn more about how Aquipt can support your team in pretrial preparation, contact us at 877-591-5141 or by email at We look forward to the opportunity to help you manage all your legal activities in the most effective ways possible.