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How specialized infrastructure services can help you say, “Yes we can!” to eDiscovery opportunities

Simon Beeny / December 8,2017 / Featured, News

The constant uncertainties of modern eDiscovery demands makes it nearly impossible to predict even the very basic IT resources needed to keep your environment stable, secure and always available.  Trying to “Crystal Ball” just the number of matters, current and future data size growth, how long will they live and what security policies they’ll require is almost impossible.

Most eDiscovery application providers, by necessity, have now transitioned to subscription models (vs the purchase + upgrades + support models of the past).  This greatly helps facilitate peaks and valleys by being to scale variables like processing capacity, analytics, predictive coding and user licenses on demand… and only for as long as you need them.

The challenge is that the application subscription alone doesn’t solve the problem for the associated infrastructure required to support those scalable features.  Your IT folks know all about this.  They diligently watch over things like data growth, compute and storage capacity, IT licensing, bandwidth demands, backups, disaster recovery and security policies.

Your infrastructure resources, and the technical support team that manages and supports them, are heavily tied to budgets, availability as well as strictly enforced procedures for procurement and provisioning.  The bottom line is that it’s likely far from on-demand… if it happens at all.  

It’s very common for me to hear of an unofficial “GB number” that everyone knows about.  This is the number (typically around the 100GB range or even less) where it’s understood you’ll hear, “We can’t host that internally”, or “Call your favorite vendor for that one.”

This unfortunately will likely end up costing you and/or your client a lot more, and maybe even put the engagement at risk.  In today’s very competitive environment, infrastructure limitations should not be a major or deciding factor on keeping or winning opportunities.  Clients are too valuable.

Remember the subscription model from the eDiscovery application providers?  What if you could do exactly the same thing with your infrastructure?  You can, it’s easy and there’s nothing to purchase!  Subscription based infrastructure (IaaS) isn’t a new thing, but who you select is critical.  You want an experienced specialist in eDiscovery infrastructure that understands your mission critical needs, the tools you use and the support you expect.  

With MatterPoint from Aquipt, you realize extreme efficiencies and agility by continuously keeping application resources tightly aligned with infrastructure resources, and always the ability to scale on-demand.  You retain complete control of your matters without the inherent risk and cost with on premise infrastructure.

Would you say, “Yes we can” more often if infrastructure limitations were a thing of the past?  Our clients are. And you can too.