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MatterPoint: The Flexible Solution for eDiscovery Infrastructure

Aquipt Inc. / March 3,2021

Modern eDiscovery applications demand more high-performance resources than ever before. You need legal technology solutions that can pull all the important information relevant to your suit. Your eDiscovery system should maximize your performance.

You should have centralized administrative access to all your resources. And to have a truly valuable e-Discovery platform, you need technology that is fast, private, and secure. With MatterPoint, you can have all of these and more.

Modern eDiscovery

MatterPoint provides high-performance resources that are always available on-demand with price certainty every step of the way. It enables  the flexibility, agility, and control necessary to adapt to the legal sector’s shifting landscape. Your team still performs all discovery tasks and are not forced into a specific application. 

MatterPoint is about regaining the flexibility, reactiveness, and control that you need in the legal sector’s shifting landscape. We give you a computing platform that is built, maintained, and supported by IT professionals who understand e-Discovery software requirements.




MatterPoint incorporates multiple advanced storage tiers (including SSD) and Aspera FASP technology for ingestion, which allows its capabilities to go far beyond those of standard cloud infrastructure. MatterPoint provides a more agile e-Discovery environment that enables you to gain competitive efficiencies by keeping technology consumption in precise alignment with the demands of your matters and having the scalability to respond quickly to new opportunities.

MatterPoint is always outfitted with the latest computing and storage technologies so that you can leverage an enterprise-class infrastructure platform without the enterprise-class price of owning and maintaining such an advanced system. 

From the way your data is written and stored to the way you access it, your software should be able to run demanding applications and meet your dynamic needs. MatterPoint can make that happen.




We know from experience that eDiscovery IT is not easily predictable, and access to scale or reconfigure your environment may be required at a moment’s notice. There are days that you will need to make critical changes, and you won’t have time to wait. 

This is why we give you control with direct administrative access to your resources. You can gain extreme infrastructure efficiencies at all times with the ability to maneuver resources, especially storage tiers.

The last thing you need is to get slammed with a steep bill when you scale up your system to meet demands. We make the cost for these reconfigurations transparent from the beginning. You know exactly what you’ll be paying, especially as you maneuver resources like storage tiers, so it’s always efficient.




With strict industry demands, compliance standards, and client concerns facing law firms today, security is at the core of our platform. You owe your clients attorney-client privilege even against the threat of a data breach or a hacking attack.

The MatterPoint platform is a complete system optimized to host e-Discovery applications with compliance and security concerns built-in and is centrally managed from its secure web control panel. We utilize industry-leading encryption and isolated network architecture to protect data at all times – in transit and at rest. 

We keep your eDiscovery infrastructure compliant, right-sized, and efficient – increasing your ability to respond to new opportunities. Alleviating data compliance concerns leads to administrative efficiencies while promoting increased trust from your clients.

Your eDiscovery solution should only enhance your work and never get in the way of the task at hand, all while keeping you and your clients protected. When this matters most, only the best solution will do. At Aquipt, we believe our eDiscovery solution is the pinnacle of what legal firms are searching for. With capabilities to expand and grow to meet your needs and keep your data protected and managed, the choice is clear. Are you ready to learn more about MatterPoint, our eDiscovery solution? Contact us today! Schedule A Call