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Legistek Announces Limine 2.0 Moving to Beta Testing and Partnering with Aquipt for Custom Infrastructure on MatterPoint Platform

Aquipt Inc. / August 22,2018 / Press Releases

King of Prussia, PA – Legistek is thrilled to announce that their online evidence management platform Limine 2.0 is moving to beta testing and that they will be partnering with Aquipt to leverage the MatterPoint private cloud to offer custom infrastructure environments to their customers

Limine 2.0, the successor to the standalone trial support application first released in 2015, offers lawyers and support professionals a single online workspace that can support litigation matters both large and small from the conclusion of document productions all the way through – and including – trial.

During the invitation-only beta testing period, users will be able to evaluate and test Limine with live, active cases in their own private cloud environments powered by Aquipt’s MatterPoint.

“With Limine, case documents, transcripts – including synchronized video – and other evidence reside in a single online ‘matter’ accessible to everyone on the case. Documents can be organized, annotated, and eventually labeled for depositions or trial. Transcript videos can be streamed directly from the web, allowing lawyers to preview and designate testimony for dispositive motions and trial,” said Limine creator, Peter Moore. “Powerful user access settings give case administrators an extraordinary amount of granularity to control which users can access various documents and perform advanced actions. When ready for trial, exhibits and deposition clips can be downloaded seamlessly into the Limine desktop application for electronic presentation in court. Aquipt’s MatterPoint will deliver infrastructure precision and world-class IT support to our on-premise customers and we’re thrilled to partner with them.”

MatterPoint from Aquipt delivers a cloud infrastructure platform purpose-built to address the complex demands of eDiscovery Application hosting, matter ingestion, and strict data security standards. Supported 24/7 by Aquipt technicians and engineers, MatterPoint will give these clients specific and exact control over their environments.

“Legistek has proven to be a true innovator in the legal technology arena with its standalone Limine application,” said Bob Rivas, Executive Director at Aquipt. “We’re thrilled that they’ve chosen us as a partner on the next generation of their product. MatterPoint was custom built to meet the ever-changing demands of the legal sector and this is another terrific opportunity to expose a new user-base to our platform.”

According to Legistek, Limine 2.0 will be commercially available later this year as a self-hosted client/server solution for legal practices, with private cloud infrastructure and professional IT support offered through Aquipt. In addition,, launching in 2019, will bring an end-to-end litigation technology solution to small and solo practices in the form of a simple monthly subscription service.

About Aquipt

Aquipt, Inc. is a legal-sector technology provider that leverages over 30 years of industry-specific experience to deliver superior service quality. Each of Aquipt’s many offerings remain 100% content-neutral and are trusted by its thousands of satisfied clients from organizations of all sizes. Regardless of the scope, type, venue or duration of a matter, Aquipt has the people, expertise, and technology to promote high levels of flexibility and responsiveness that are essential in meeting every matter’s unique needs.

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About Legistek

Legistek Corporation is a Chicago-based legal technology solutions provider started in 2015 by former litigators and technology specialists. Together with its industry partners, Legistek is changing the way lawyers and support professionals review evidence, collaborate, and present a winning case in court.

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For more Information about Legistek & Limine: Please contact John Capone (