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Is Your Data and Your Client's Data Secure and Compliant?

Aquipt Inc. / March 17,2021

Any company that keeps client data has a huge responsibility to keep that data secure. Today, that is almost every company that interacts with the public in any way. Some of the industries that work with client data the most include:

  • Financial services
  • Government agencies
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail & online retail
  • Legal professions
What is data security? 

Data security is the process of protecting the information that companies collect on their employees, clients, customers, and more. This includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Keeping client PPI safe is essential! It’s also a legal requirement, and you need legal technology solutions to meet your data protection needs. 

Companies need to be able to promise their clients that their data is protected. 

What is data compliance?

One aspect of data security is data compliance. This means that you must comply with any state, federal, or even global laws that govern the data you collect. Because different industries collect different types of information, not every company has to follow the exact same laws.

Regardless, every company must ensure that they are compliant within their own industry. And you must ensure that you are compliant with global regulations. There is a lot of room for error in data compliance, and mistakes can be costly and time-consuming. 


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the list of rules that govern data security in Europe. This guide from the UK helps explain how GDPR is implemented. You don’t have to be headquartered in the European Union to have to follow GDPR. Any company that does business with customers in the EU needs to be GDPR compliant. 


If you have seen any medical provider in the United States, you have signed a HIPAA waiver. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act protects patient privacy. This compliance is relevant to companies that collect any medical information, including diagnoses, medical history, prescription information, health questionnaires, or medical files. 

According to Insights for Professionals, a leading resource for IT Workers, “HIPAA requires that all electronic health records are restricted only to those with valid reasons for viewing them, so encryption and strong access controls are a must. The standards not only apply to records when they are within the database but also when they are being shared, so steps must also be taken to ensure activities such as emails and file transfers are fully monitored, protected, and controlled.”


PCI DSS stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.” Rather than a government-issued mandate, the PCI DSS is overseen by the major credit card vendors, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB. 

Violating these standards won’t necessarily get you into trouble with your government, but they will get you into trouble with the credit card companies. Heavy penalties can be enforced on PCI violators, as well as the termination of business relationships. You don’t want to suddenly be unable to accept credit card payments, so it is essential that you keep your customers’ data protected. 

How can you keep data secure?

It is essential to have a network security partner who knows how to keep your data secure. At Aquipt, we work in data security and know the ins and outs of this field. Here is what you need to be aware of. 

Infrastructure and Network Security

You need good infrastructure to provide the best network security. Let’s look at what this includes. 

  • Physical Access Control
  • Logical Access Control
  • Penetration Testing
  • Third-Party Auditing
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

When it comes to continuity and disaster recovery, you need a few key things:

  • High availability from your team to immediately address any problems or crises
  • Business continuity that prevents delays or disruptions in your operations
  • Disaster recovery that covers both natural and human-caused disasters

Data Security and Privacy

What d data security and privacy look like? 

They look like state-of-the-art data encryption, retention, and removal. Eliminate uncertainty by working with a data security partner who understands the importance of these three concepts and has a great track record of excellent performance in these areas. 

Application Security

Mobile and browser-based applications have their own security needs, including:

  • Two-factor authentication (ensuring that no one accesses someone else’s account)
  • Single sign-on (protection for SSO use)
  • Email security 

Our Compliance Certifications

Here at Aquipt, we are proud to be able to ensure the highest levels of compliance for data security, which you can see through our certifications. 

We have the following certifications:

SOC2 Type 1
SOC 2 Type II

HIPAA Attestation

Get the data protection and compliance support you need!

You don’t need to suffer from anxiety about whether or not you are effectively protecting the data that you and your clients are concerned about. Contact Aquipt today so that we can talk about how we can protect your data, your reputation, and your bottom line! 

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